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We have been present in the UV-C technology field for 70 years and we are leaders in the design and manufacture of devices for air and surface disinfection-sterilization and for bacteriological purification of water.

Idrosteril® is a registered trademark owned by A.D.P. Idrosteril®, exclusively distributed, which refers to devices made for primary and processed water potabilization and for bacteriological disinfection of air, surfaces, containers and food products - using ultraviolet rays technology, a physical and non-chemical application.

The best components and materials, designed ad hoc, are used for all sets of Idrosteril® and Aersteril equipment to ensure maximum quality and durability.

Using non-original materials can reduce the UV-C lamp performance and lifetime but, above all, it can affect its efficacy.

It is not recommended a non-professional application of UV-C lamps. In all cases, the usage of this physical system must take place after a careful reading of the owner’s manual and after a verification of the technical characteristics and the correct conditions of use. All this to adequately inform production/maintenance personnel on proper use for disinfection purposes and risks arising from exposure to UV-C radiation emitted by the germicidal device, as stated by D.L. 81/08 Title VIII Chapter V.


As we are careful about what we eat and drink, it is good to pay attention to the air we breathe as well.

Stuffy nose, sneezes, lachrymation, bloodshot/red eyes, headaches and difficult breathing are allergic manifestations of pollen and dust. Dust contains viruses, bacteria, mites and chemical pollutants we inhale while breathing in the form of small particles present in the air.

These particles which float in the air also reach bottling environments, food preparation, packaging, storage and cold rooms too. With our long experience in physical and non-chemical disinfection with UV-C rays, we can recommend the most appropriate A.D.P. Idrosteril® Aersteril device for health prophylaxis in indoor environments and for food containers, lids, caps, covers, foil/closing film, bottles, flasks and food in general disinfection in a few seconds.


UV-C germicidal lamps are available in different shapes, wattages and size. They can be used horizontally, vertically or submerged. They eliminate bacteria, molds and micro-organisms present in air and water. Each of our UV-C device is designed so that the electronic ballast leads the UV-C lamp to its optimal pressure value, which corresponds to a 254 nm resonance line. With this technical device we can guarantee not only the attainment of the objective but a constant and powerful ultraviolet radiation throughout the lamp’s germicidal life (5.000 working hours).

Lamps with germicidal action traditionally used in the health sector, whose efficacy was established thanks to experimental evidence, are those with low pressure and mercury discharge with principal emission at 254 nm. The development of LED technology has recently introduced lamps with UV-C emission typically in 260-280 nm range, for portable devices and for a wide range of applications, also for domestic and non-professional use. Unlike traditional UV-C fluorescent mercury lamps, LED systems generallly have low power with results comparable to traditional lamps if applied a few centimiters away from the object; on the other hand, for longer distances it would take hours to reach the effective germicidal dose. In any case even UV-C LED lamps can cause damage to eyes and skin after very short exposure times (in a few seconds in presence of unshieleded UV-C lamps): therefore, UV-C rays germicidal activity in working environments must take place in abscence of staff and carried out by professionally trained and informed personnel.


To not lose part of our tradition of studies, research and wit, the owner Marcella Dal Miglio – during the pandemic - has designed and built a UV-C device for the sterilization of masks which was donated to Sacco hospital of Milan to make up for the lack of PPE. During usage, professor Massimo Galli evaluated the UV-C Ray Killer device as an effective and fast sterilization system for masks, medical records, glasses and various equipment, otherwise impossible to obtain by any other method.

It is a professional device, easy to use and extremely quick for sterilization. In this world increasingly sensitive to green issues and circular economy, UV-C Ray Killer is in first place regarding masks recycling with minimal electrical energy waste and chemicals free. A versatile device that can also be used for every day/work tools which can be worn or used safely right after a few minutes of sterilization. https://www.ilgiorno.it/milano/salute/raggi-ultravioletti-covid-sacco-1.5777488


Aldo Riccardi, founder of A.D.P., was the first in Italy to use UV-C rays for bacteriological purification of water. He patented in 1958 the Idrosteril® device in both vertical and horizontal versions and with a high thickness crystal glass porthole (only system on the market). Aldo Riccardi supported scientific research valued by distinguished University Professors who credited his system – now many competing companies boast about it. This totally ecological drinking water potabilizar is able to instantly disinfect several liters of water with a simple click on the switch. Maintenance consists only in the UV-C lamp replacement.


With this physical and non-chemical disinfection and/or sterilization system, there are many possible applications:

Masks, medical records, mobile phones, every day or professional objects sterilization

In all those enclosed and busy rooms frequented by people where you want to give a sign of professionalism and responsibility against microorganisms contagion. Hairdressers can sterilize – in just 3 minutes- objects that are used in direct contact with customers such as brushes, combs, shower caps, towels, scissors, razors.. Beauty or tanning salons can sterilize goggles, sponges, scissors, limes, hair bands... Medical or veterinary clinics can sterilize badges, glasses, sheets, various containers, collars.. To give security to its customers and employees, UV-C Violet Fan is the safest, most effective and unique air disinfection solution –in presence of people- without any danger to your health.

Air and air ducts disinfection

Rooms with controlled contamination - Hospital and maternity rooms - UV-C barriers & pass-box – Medical and dental surgeries/clinics – Air of the antibiotics preparation room – Microbiological laboratory – Classrooms – Offices - Elevators – Food processing rooms Air in food packaging areas – Cold rooms – Drying and maturing cells - Production, cooling, slicing and bread packaging – Milk, ice-creams and cheese production - Disinfection of HVAC and U.T.A – Odor and grease abatement of industrial kitchens -

Surfaces, food and general products, containers, bottle lids, jars and film disinfection

Food-quality film, working surface, conveyor belt, hopper, conduits disinfection – Bottles, caps, jars, test tubes, endoscopic probes, tools, tubes, lids… disinfection – Food containers and their foils or lids

Primary and processed water disinfection

Aqueducts, Wells, Thermal and thalassotherapy water - Beer and soft drinks production – Swimming pools - Aquariums – Cooling water (algae destruction) – Industrial wastewater – Storage tanks - Sewage–

MOCA (EC Regulation 1935/2004)

We provide technical support and advice regarding the bacteriological disinfection of all those Materials and Objects intended for Food Contact (MOCA) as packaging, containers, pipes, cutlery, crockery, kitchen utensils… Our goal is to support companies in the complicated word of MOCA compliance conformity declaration.

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